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Fanan team releases free Stringya 2 VSTi - Virtual strings machine for Windows

Fanan Team

Fanan team has released Stringya 2, a tiny size virtual analog electronic strings machine and the successor of Stringya.

Stringya 2 works as an open mixer format powered by new modeled 32-bit waveform engine featuring high dynamic range oscillators to generate 3 electronic string emulations, each with its own size and color.

All 3 oscillators can be mixed together into a full strings ensemble, allowing the player to create chords, string sound combinations, articulations and textures. Stringya 2 oscillators have full synthesis sections, 2 different MIDI velocity options, stereo enhancer engine, dedicated gleam effect, global hipass-lopass filter and a full section of built in effects (saturation, chorus, phaser, trance gate, reverb and delay), advanced mono mode and dedicated organs alike drawbars built-in EQ.

Key features:

  • 3 32-bit resolution stings oscillators.
  • Stereo enhancer.
  • Gleam effect.
  • Full mono mode section.
  • MIDI velocity limiter and fixed velocity mode.
  • 6 effects chain (saturation, chorus, phaser, trance-gate, reverb, delay).
  • Full MIDI automation with fast right mouse click MIDI learning.
  • Full synthesis section.
  • Draw-bars with separate access for each oscillator.
  • Low limit-high limit filter.
  • Pitch band determiner.
  • Resizable GUI.

Price: Free.



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