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Gala SE
Reviewed By RealCP1
September 18th, 2022

It would much better if there is no clipping on every instrument, because when I press 2 or more notes it got clip so bad, hope it fixed this.

Response from fananteam from Fanan Team on September 18th, 2022

Just take the volume inside the instrument down or use a compressor.

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Reviewed By DarseZ
January 19th, 2022

Works well for me, win10, no virus warnings.

Works well for me, win10, no virus warnings.

Works well for me, win10, no virus warnings.

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Reviewed By Trader One
January 16th, 2022

Simple Bass VST. Simulation of 8 vintage bass synths. Sound is good and fat, its not EDM ready - have to be distorted. We have tube simulated but it does not tube to level needed for dance bass.

Several effects included - Unison, Reverb, Chorus, Wah.

There is still few bugs left, It losses stereo output sometimes if you turn off unison or set tube saturation 0.

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Spacelifter 3
Reviewed By Trader One
January 14th, 2022

I learned about this one on trance produce forum. Yes, Fanan products have distinct dry style and they will fit well into trance. Fanan can make trance product line: add tremolo, EQ, saturator, distortion VSTs products.

Reverb/delay is incredibly good for this style, its bright, digitally dry sounding, sparkling, very sharp and lot of configuration options. Easy to work with, have tempo sync. Really good product, can make sound similar to Virus TI.

Usually, I give Spire VST as example of bright, trance delay. This one is even better, very sharp - perfectly fitting with sharp, sync modulated leads. I got really excited about this one.

Because this filter is ultra dry and sparkling some saturation is needed as next IFX. I also add +5 dB to highs to further boost.

On other way example of nice smooth reverb is KORG Triton (especially studio/rack version with better DAC). Trinity has even smoother reverb then Triton but its quite rare synth.

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Reviewed By Trader One
January 14th, 2022

Multi type filter (Standard, State variable, Zelda). It have distinct Fanan style sound. Recently Fanan stuff got noticed by some Trance producers and yes, its actually very good fit for this style because it sounds digitally harsh and very bright.

Filter is very simple. you have 2D controller with cut frequency and resonance axis. Filter needs still some work to become good tool - we need tempo sync-able LFO or two and envelope possibly reacting to MIDI notes.

VST do not reacts to DAW bypass event.

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ScandiClavia 2
Reviewed By Trader One
December 31st, 2021

Every sound developer has its unique style. Fanan team develops software sounding like late 90s small boxes such as like Yamaha sound modules and effects sounds like played outdoor through common PA system on live events. This fits very well into Solina2K, Gala is not that good fit, but this style do not fits with organ. Its simply not smooth enough and effects make it worse instead of improving.

From technical stand point organs are impressive. They have 2 sets of drawbars and lot of switchable organ types.

I take Scandi Clavia 2 as an experiment.

Author should focus programming stuff matching his sound style. Drum machine from 90s will be good, general MIDI sound module would be good, after listening to his effects - tube resonator effect would be good, it sounds very close to his style, reverb and delays sounds like live event PA systems - so why not to rework it into PA system emulator? I don't remember we have any outdoor PA system emulator. Also author sound is similar to dry recording with cheap condenser microphone. This can be reworked into unique effect VST as well. Extending Solina2K can be an option, just drawbar organs are good fit for Fanan sound.

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Gala XL
Reviewed By Trader One
December 24th, 2021

Idea behind this is good and samples style fits the same style as solina2k. Sound quality, especially effects are pretty low fi. While I would stay away from effects, samples are as in cheap 90s sound module style. This makes them unique and worth keeping.

execution of idea needs some work, plugin is occasionally crashing.

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Reviewed By Trader One
December 20th, 2021

It has nice retro sound similar to synths from early 90s. Easy to use.

Similar to Cheese Machine 2 but it sounds more realistic (like sample based string boxes), while Cheese machine emulates SAW based string hardware.

I am keeping it.

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