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FASoft updates n-Track Studio to 5.0.2

n-Track Software

FASoft has updated n-Track Studio to v5.0.2 build 2179.

Changes since v5.0.1 build 2169:

  • Fixed problem when selecting multiple recording audio devices opening the audio devices dialog box with the Settings-Audio devices menu command instead of the button in the Preferences dialog box.
  • Recover wave file from Raw audio data dialog box.
  • Fixed DirectX and VST plugins dialog boxes slightly cut on Windows Vista.
  • Fixed erratic behavior when using Live input processing and mono input channels.
  • Updated PDF User Guide.
  • Fixed wave file offset changing slightly when clicking on offset box in part properties box even without editing the offset.
  • Fixed crash when program can't create an .npk file for a .wav file.
  • Fixed whole screen redrawing when adding Parametric EQ to a channel.
  • Fixed tracks automatically added when recording or pressing the Live button not being recorded even if armed.
  • Fixed plugins latency compensation problem with group channels.


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