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Fervent Software has released Studio to Go! v1.5 the latest version of their suite of integrated music software that provides you with the ability to compose, record and mix on any PC without having to install any software. Studio to Go! runs from the CD and allows you to save compositions on a portable storage device or straight on to your hard disk. This means you can use it with any PC without worrying about compatibility problems or any fuss or mess.

Studio to Go! v1.50 includes the latest version of the Rosegarden sequencer, Ardour the digital audio workstation, a new look for the Hydrogen drum machine plus now the addition of loop base sequencing and sampling software. There is also much, much more audio software as well as tutorials and example files, soundfonts, VSTs and an improved integrated help system.

You can buy Studio to Go! v1.50, the Rosegarden Companion (183 pages) and a USB memory stick to hold your recordings all for GB£79.99. This bundle includes everything you need to get up and running with Linux Audio on your PC.

For existing customers who have installed Studio to Go! v1.0 free upgrade packages for the major audio applications are available.



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