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Rosegarden 13.04 “Allysand” released

Rosegarden Project

The Rosegarden team have announced the release of version 13.04 of Rosegarden, the audio and MIDI sequencer and musical notation editor for Linux.

13.04 "Allysand"

New Features:

  • Choose among 0db, -3dB, -6dB panning laws for audio.

Bug Fixes:

  • Don't export certain properties in MusicXML that MusicXML can't handle.
  • Fix #1387; export text events (e.g. lyrics) to MIDI.
  • Fix #703; auto-beaming no longer does an extra unselected bar.
  • Fix minor notation layout issue.
  • Fix notation scrolling problem.
  • Fix bug with FreeChannel.

13.02 "Handel"

New Features:

  • LilyPond export now inserts \RemoveEmptyStaves to suppress the printing of empty staves by default.
  • Tracks have a secondary "short label" property. The primary label is exported to LilyPond as the long staff name, eg., "Trumpet in Bb," and the secodary label is the short staff name, eg., "Tpt.".

Bug Fixes:

  • Use 64 for "dumb" NoteOff velocities, not 127.
  • Made InternalSegmentMapper handle RealTime segment delays consistently.
  • SortingInserter now sorts stably, fixing a noteoff race in MIDI export.
  • Fixed old code that never worked, making Rosegarden export LilyPond staff names that include transposition information.
  • Fixed crash when changing the number of audio submasters (Tim Munro).


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