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Findasound releases Clara's Vocal Library v2.0 for Kontakt


Findasound has released Clara's Vocal Library v2.0, the first version of Clara's Library for Kontakt with a true authentic legato.

In v2.0 there are two Legato Mode "Ah" & "Oh" switchable by key-switch, which make it easy to change articulations including legato sound in real time. The key-switches includes staccato "Ah" & "Oh".

Release samples can be enabled/disabled with the ability to control their time and volume. Speed knob is provided to control sample offset - start of legato transition samples enabling user to control speed of legato. Vibrato is controlled with modulation wheel with the ability to control its rate with a knob. Legato function can be turned on/off in case of playing chords, for example.

A unique function of having double Clara performance is provided through a button called double where the user can get double Clara performance with different samples, round robins, and mic positions. Attack time can be controlled for all samples in the legato patch as well as the phrases patch.

The new phrases engine allows the user to easily select any phrase through a convenient drop-down menu; the phrases patch has a new legato mode that allows user to easily merge different phrases to improve the creativity and create new phrases; if legato is enabled the user can control sample offset 1 - start of the first phrase and offset 2 - start of the second/target phrase.

Each phrase has its native BPM offering the best quality, yet the library takes advantage of the powerful Kontakt engine to automatically adapt to the BPM of the user's session so they can be used in any project with any BPM through the two sync modes: 1 - TM "time machine" where tempo can be controlled manually and 2 - HOST where tempo is synced to user's host. If sync mode is enabled the user will have the ability to adjust pitch of phrases in +-12 semi tones. Release samples with release volume and time controllers are available for phrases patches as well.

FX rack is provided that includes:

  • Sound modulator.
  • Compressor.
  • EQ.
  • Drive.
  • Reverb.
  • Delay.
  • Amp.
  • Cabinet.

Clara's Vocal v1.0.6 (included with v2.0) offers high quality cinematic vocal phrases and sequences for Kontakt. The library contains pads, phrases and vocalizations (e.g. Uh, Ah, Mmm, Oooh) that can be used in many styles of music, but really lends itself to cinematic and orchestral/soundtrack music. The library is being constantly updated with new patches and content.


  • Over 2.5 GB 24-bit 48kHz compressed Kontakt ncw format samples.
  • New GUI with easy control & fully automated MIDI learn controllers.
  • OH & AH True Legato Patches.
  • OH & AH staccato.
  • FX Rack.
  • Attack and release sample time - volume control.
  • Main volume - pan controls.
  • Natural vibrato (mod wheel) + vibrato rate control.
  • Double track performance.
  • Phrases & song with 2 sync modes & Legato mode.
  • Aah, Ooh, Mmm vocal sound sustain patches.
  • Two offset samples start control on phrases.
  • Virtual Legato & Portato patches.
  • Legato speed control.
  • 4 Cycling sustain round robins samples.


  • Requires the FULL version of Kontakt 5.5 or higher – will not work with the free Kontakt player.
  • All samples are recorded @ 24-bit 48kHz with: – Neumann M147 Tube – Pre Focusrite RED Series 6 – Neve 1083 – Universal Audio Apollo.


  • Clara Sorace / Vocalist.
  • Stefano Maccarelli / Recording engineer - sampling.
  • Fayez Saidawi / Programming - design.

Price: $40.00.

Video Demo



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