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FKFX updates Sylab to v1.2.5

FKFX Audio

FKFX has updated Sylab, the vowel filter plugin, to v1.2.5.

Changes in v1.2.5:

  • Updated Right-click Menu for MORPH Knob: The right-click menu on the morph knob now includes an 'APPLY RANGE TO ALL SHAPES' option. This feature computes all shapes to apply the current ranges/offsets without the need for manual editing.
  • Adjustable Range and Offset via Direct Edges Dragging: Users can now directly drag the top and bottom parts of the range, automatically adjusting the RANGE and OFFSET knobs to their corresponding positions.
  • Minor Bug Fixes in LFOGRID: The Step Sequencer (bottom of the grid) has been enhanced, and various minor bugs have been rectified.
  • New Shape Randomization with Decay Pencil: When using the Attack and Decay Pencil, the usual randomize button in the editor (the 4 dice icons) will change color, enabling the user to perform random pencil drawings with a single click. The dice with one dot retains the current pencil shape, while the dice with six dots randomizes the pencil shape on each step. Moreover, pressing SHIFT allows for using both attack and decay pencil modes on the randomized shape, facilitating more variations.
  • Improved Shape Manager Workflow: Double-clicking on a shape (or on morphing) in the shape manager now loads and closes the shape manager directly. Additionally, holding down any modifier key (such as SHIFT, ALT, etc.) allows the user to easily move unwanted shapes/morphs to the trash.

Changes in v1.2:

  • LFOGRID Background Computation: In response to user feedback, we have implemented a significant enhancement to the performance of Sylab. The LFOGRID is now computed in a background thread. This optimization ensures smoother operation and improved stability, especially during intense usage scenarios.
  • LFOGRID workflow: Introducing the new "LFOGRID Session" Mode, which optimizes the workflow for a smoother and more intuitive experience.
  • APF Distortion: We have added a new APF (All-Pass Filter) distortion feature to Sylab. This addition provides users with more creative possibilities, and adds depth and character to your projects.
  • UNDO Management: We've integrated specific undo features into the editor, particularly for cases where you accidentally erase a shape or delete multiple shapes using the menu function in the shape editor. This new undo capability is seamlessly integrated into the current shape editor.
  • Morphing & Host Automation: We have implemented a feature to detect when the morph knob is automated. This ensures that the editor does not interfere with the automation of your DAW host. We have also introduced a new feature in the morph knob menu that allows users to directly remove the current morphed shape.
  • Manual Update: To ensure that you have access to the most accurate and up-to-date information about Sylab, we have updated/expanded/enriched the manual accompanying the plugin.


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