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Reflex Acoustics releases Base Reflex low-end enhancer plugin (VST3/AU)

Reflex Acoustics

Reflex Acoustics has released Base Reflex, a low-band compressor, gate and saturation device that aims to make low frequencies clearer and more impactful, without changing EQ balance or overall loudness.

From the company:

Often the low end of a track can sound tighter and punchier with a little parallel compression, gating and saturation. Base Reflex offers a quick way to do this. Because its gain-staging is automated, users can focus their time on decisions that are more aesthetic in nature, such as timing settings and how hard to push overall. We've also optimized these crossover filters to handle low-frequency signals with confidence, without introducing excessive latency (8ms on default settings).


  • Low-band processor with adjustable crossover frequency (50-300Hz) and solo function.
  • Automatic compression threshold—use the "Compression" knob to control how far the threshold rides below the peaks in your low end.
  • Variable attack and release times.
  • Simple automatic gate with adjustable range up to 6dB.
  • Subtle low-band saturation with automatic gain-staging (oversampled if project sample rate is below 80kHz).
  • Parallel processing via dual gain-matched dry/wet mix controls for dynamics and saturation.
  • Mid-side processing (100% unlinked), with mono option for low band.
  • Automatic make-up gain to match perceived loudness.

Bass Reflex is available now for $25 from reflex-acoustics.com, and a free demo is available. VST3 and AU formats for PC and Mac are currently supported, with AAX support coming soon.



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