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FMJ-Software updates Awave Studio to v10.6


FMJ-Software has updated Awave Studio to version 10.6. This new version of the instrument editor and format converter adds support for key release sounds, alternates, pedal switches, and more.


  • Added support for "key release" region triggers, i.e. waves that are played at note off. This new parameter is currently supported for the following file formats: rgc:audio sfz (.SFZ), Korg Triton & Trinity (PCG.), Yamaha Motif XS & Motif XF (.X0V, .X3V), GigaSampler/GigaStudio* (.GIG), Ensoniq EPS-series (.EFE), Kurzweil K2000/K2500 (.KRZ), Logic EXS24 (.EXS). [* for .GIG only when reading.].
  • Added support for "alternate" region triggers, i.e. switching between alternate waves each time that a note is triggered. The parameter is currently supported for the following file formats: rgc:audio sfz (.SFZ), Yamaha Motif XS & Motif XF (.X0V, .X3V), GigaSampler/GigaStudio* (.GIG), Logic EXS24 (.EXS).
  • Added support for trigger selection of regions by the Sustain Pedal state, i.e. different waves can be played if the pedal is "Up", "Down", or both. This can be used e.g. for hi-hat open / closed, or piano staccato / sustain. The parameter is currently only supported by the following file format: rgc:audio sfz (.SFZ), GigaSampler/GigaStudio* (.GIG), Ensoniq EPS-series (.EFE).
  • When using the computer keyboard to audition sounds, the Shift-keys now acts as a sustain pedal.
  • Improvements to the Awave Software synthesizer; e.g. reduced CPU-usage when not playing anything, an improved chorus effect, and chorus & reverb effects implemented as "sends" rather than "inserts".
  • Improved stability of "MIDI to Wave" rendering.
  • The "Options->Preferences->Format options" tab now has a selection for the data format for Dialogic files (.VOX). This is usually Dialogic ADPCM at either 8000 or 6000 Hz. But there are also .VOX files using other formats and unfortunately there is no way to determine the data format from the files themselves, therefore you can now select it manually here.
  • Assorted minor bug-fixes.


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