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FMJ-Software updates Awave Studio to v10.3


FMJ-Software has updated Awave Studio to v10.3. New features in the instrument editor and format converter include support for Yamaha Motif XS files (.X0A/.X0V/.X0W), Yamaha Tyros 3 voices (.UVN), Musepack compression (.MPC), Shorten lossless files (.SHN), improved support for Roland sequencer songs (.SVQ), and much more.


  • Added support for reading Yamaha Motif XS files (.X0A/.X0V/.X0W), with fairly complete conversion of the more important articulation parameters.
  • Added support for reading Yamaha Tyros 3 files (.UVN). Also improved the conversions of Tyros 2 files (.TVN). For both formats, there's now experimental support for conversion of envelope, LFO and filter parameters.
  • Added support for reading and writing Musepack (.MPC) compressed files (SV7 and SV8 types supported for reading, only SV8 for writing).
  • Added support for reading and writing Shorten (.SHN) lossless compressed files.
  • Added support for reading Korg Triton LE bank files (.PCG).
  • Added support reading "MIDI Converter Studio" packed Sound Fonts (.SF2PACK).
  • Much improved support for reading Roland song sequencer files (.SVQ). New is support for v2 and v3 files, files with >64KB of note data, files using an alternate tempo indication, and conversion of key signature meta data.
  • Fixed several problems with conversions of AKAI MPC-series program files (.PGM). Also added translation of more parameters for these formats.
  • Added experimental support for encoding and decoding KAWAI R50/R50E/R50III/R100 ROM-dumps (.KAWAI12 files). These are assumed to contain 12-bit nonlinear (DAT Long play format) audio, zero-padded to 16-bits in the files.
  • Added support for reading audio from "AVI v2" files (.AVI) that use index lists.
  • The "file types" tab in the options dialog has been removed as it has been deprecated. In its place it now supports the Windows "Default programs" and "Open with" features (Vista/7 only).
  • The file open dialog is now resizable.
  • Added an 4s pause (8s if "slow dev." is selected) between waveforms when using the "Send all" command in the "MIDI SDS transmit" dialog, allowing synths some breathing space between waves.
  • The "Set parameters for all items" function in the "Instrument processing wizard" has been split into two: "Set region/wave parameters for all items" and "Set articulation parameters for all items". New options have been added to set the following parameters: "default pan pos", "default chors mix", "filter type", "filter resonance", "LFO1 to Volume", and "LFO2 to Pitch".
  • Now correctly handles UTF-8 encoding of text meta data (in addition to Latin-1, Windows 1252 and UTF-16).
  • Assorted bug fixes.


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