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Get iZotope RX Elements FREE, win a copy of Native Instruments Komplete 14 Ultimate CE

Native Instruments

Native Instruments and iZotope are offering an exclusive giveaway to KVR Audio members. Enter to grab a copy iZotope RX 10 Elements, the magic wand of audio repair and enhancement, completely free of charge.

Kindly note, licenses for RX Elements are issued manually, so please allow for up to 48 hours after entry to receive yours

iZotope RX 10 Elements

Made for content creators and home studios, iZotope RX 10 Elements is a budget-friendly noise reduction and audio repair toolkit powered by world-class technology. Repair Assistant streamlines the same tools used by the pros to quickly correct common audio issues.

What you get:

  • Repair Assistant - The new Repair Assistant uses artificial intelligence to find and fix audio issues quickly without leaving your DAW. The Assistant automatically recognizes specific problems and intelligently proposes a repair chain that you can modify to your liking with easy-to-use dials.
  • De-hum [Improved] - Remove ground loop hum and line noise.
  • Voice De-noise - Finely tuned for vocals and dialogue, reduce unwanted steady state or evolving background noise like refrigerator hum, air conditioning noise, and amp hiss.
  • De-clip - Repair digital and analog clipping artifacts to restore distorted audio.
  • De-click - Clean up vinyl clicks, mouth noise, and soften up clicky bass guitars with the new low-latency De-click algorithm.
  • De-reverb - Take control over the amount of ambient space captured in a recording: make large cathedrals sound like small halls and make roomy vocals sound like they were recorded in a proper studio space.

Komplete 14 Ultimate CE Giveaway

There's more though... upon entering the giveaway, you'll also be in the running for chance to grab a Native Instruments Komplete 14 Ultimate Collectors Edition. Synths, drums, effects, and sounds galore – this bundle is your golden ticket to sonic greatness. Containing 148 instruments and effects, plus 103 Expansions, the collectors edition is the definiteive production bundle from Native Instruments, with specialized scoring tools for pro-level composers and producers including CHOIR: OMNIA, LORES, Knif Audio Knifonium, and bx_console Focusrite SC, plus Kontakt 7, Ozone 10 Standard, and much more.

The giveaway ends 30 September so don't miss out.

Enter the giveaway here





Discussion: Active
2 October 2023 at 6:23pm

Hey guys,

I signed up (and confirmed my email !) on Sept. 26th.
Nothing has shown up yet, no email, no marketplace serial thingamajig...

It seems I'm far from the only one, so can you let folks know what's up with the giveaway please ?
I was super stoked to hear about this and it would be a big letdown if nothing comes up :-/

Cheers from Belgium (at least I was in the right country for the big prize lol).

Ben [KVR]
Ben [KVR]
2 October 2023 at 10:26pm

Two entries from the same IP address (but different member accounts, obviously) caused them to be rejected by our anti-abuse system.

3 October 2023 at 8:24am

Well I understand why you would have such a system in place, but I can assure you that I wasn't trying to game the system, rather simply provide a licence for use on two computers in the same household.
If that isn't allowed (and I honestly missed it if it was mentioned), then will you kindly provide at least one ? I'm still very much eager to experiment with RX Elements;-)

Cheers .

Ben [KVR]
Ben [KVR]
3 October 2023 at 1:10pm

OK, I've issued a license to this account.

3 October 2023 at 1:56pm

Much appreciated !
Have a fine day and may your life be noise-reduced for eternity ! :-D.

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