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Granny's Audio releases MetroKit 2 for Mac and Win

Granny's Audio

Granny's Audio has released MetroKit 2, a metronome with features designed to be essential for starting musicians and professionals.

MetroKit 2 comes with 3 modes designed to be useful for everyday practice with the "Simple" and "Trainer" modes, up to extremely complex exercises using the new "Track" mode.

Key Features:

  • Fully custom Time Signature - MetroKit's times signatures can be based over 4ths, 8ths, 16ths and 32nds, and count from 1 up to 32 beats allowing for time signatures like 17/16 or 11/8.
  • Beat Subdivisions - Each beat can independently be divided up to 9 sub divisions.
  • Accents - Every beat or subdivision can be set to either mute, basic, or accented, allowing for complex beat dynamics.
  • Trainers - MetroKit 2 is equipped with both speed and rhythm trainers that can be used together.
  • New "Track Mode" - Create either "simple" or "training" sessions to play in sequence. Each session has completely independent settings, allowing for full practice routines, from just adding warm up sessions before a speed practice to creating extremely complicated practice routines, or even building the metronome track for complex "progressive" rhythm songs.

Price: 2.99 € at Granny's Audio.



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