Groovyband Live!

Groovyband Live! has announced the immediate availability of build 19120 of its realtime arranger software.

The highlights of this release are:

  • Added 240 new styles, bringing the grand total to 860. Most styles have been revised and improved. The fresh high quality new content, as well as the massive cohesive body of styles provided, will raise the firepower available to your music making. And will provide endless hours of pleasure.
  • Now you can stack up to 2 series connected insert DSPs per part. This significantly broadens the sonic power of your arranger. This nicely builds upon the freedom to assign all the available DSPs to whatever part you like.
  • The smooth voice and DSP change feature when switching OTSes has been significantly improved. Now all the possibly unused available hardware resources (DSP and MIDI channels) are brought to work: we dynamically and transparently (= behind the scenes) assign 2 instances of MIDI channel and DSPs to a single part so that when you switch OTSes you can overlap the old and the new sound. And you can hear both at the same time.
  • Added the "Beat Reset" functionality to the binding page. This will allow to seamlessly reset the arranger engine to the start of the measure as soon as you activate the functionality (typically with a foot switch). Extremely useful to gracefully cope with an odd signature measure or a false off-beat start while performing.
  • You can now adjust the style parts' volume sliders all at once, while preserving the relative balance. To rise or lower the whole style volume, while preserving the mix (that used to be a long, boring and error prone operation), is now only one click away! With the same procedure you can also adjust all the Aux and Lead parts volume faders, as independent blocks.
  • Added MasterEQ effect that applies to the global mix just before the audio out. This effect is customisable like each other in the DSP Editor and is saved with each registration.
  • Bug fixes and code improvements.

Groovyband Live! is a realtime arranger software that runs on any Windows PC (tablet, laptop, desktop), interfaces with MIDI input devices (keyboards, pedal board, control surfaces) and produces a live stream of MIDI events to drive a suitable sound generator.

It offers immediate out of the box gratification with many advanced features over the typical hardware arranger. The key highlights are shown on the home page. A Features in depth section is a 5 minutes read. A free demo download with 860 styles is available as well.

Groovyband Live! is available in 3 versions, with bundled styles that support all the features:

  • Standard - 450 bundled styles - 299€.
  • Pro - 630 bundled styles - 399€.
  • Platinum - 860 bundled styles - 499€.


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