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GSi releases new reverb effect: TimeVerb-X


TimeVerb-X is a new plugin from GSi that combines GSi's "classic" Type4 spring reverb, first released in 2008, and a new algorithmic digital reverb.

Main features:

  • Spring reverb "Type 4" with feedback and stereo operation.
  • Digital reverb with pre-delay, early reflections and room size adjustment.
  • Built-in programmer with 128 Programs.
  • Import/export of Programs and Banks.
  • Built-in MIDI Learn function with import/export of custom MIDI maps.
  • Integrated help with tool-tips and readout displays.

TimeVerb-X is available in the following formats:

  • Windows: VST2 x64, VST3 x64, Standalone x64.
  • Mac OS X: VST2 x64, VST3 x64, Audio Unit x64, Standalone x64.

Price: EUR 45,00 (+Tax if applicable). If you already own a license for Type4 version 1, your price is EUR 25,00 + Tax.




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