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HoRNet Plugins releases MultiFreqs - Multi Track Spectrum Analyzer


HoRNet has released MultiFreqs, a multi track spectrum analyser that provides two different kinds of visualisation of the audio spectrum for up to 28 tracks together.

The first visualisation type is called "analog" and is inspired to an analog hardware spectrum analyser, the second one is called "digital" and it's HoRNet's own take on the typical spectrum analyser based on the FFT.

The spectrum analyzer has peak display and average level display, it also works on the mid or side components of a stereo signal.

Up to 28 tracks can be shown together and you can select which one you want to display. On VST3 and AAX hosts the plugin is able to read the track name, but you can easily change it just clicking on the name of the instance.

To find out problems between tracks even faster MultiFreqs also has a "conflict" button that shows only the part of the spectrum in common between all the enabled tracks.

Price: 14.99 €.



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