HoRNet Plugins has released TheNormalizer, a new plug-in designed to help with automatic gain staging and level normalization.

TheNormalizer unites in a single plugin all the auto-gain technology from HoRNet allowing with a single tool to set the gain automatically using different peak and loudness measurement.

The plugin offers both absolute and continue normalization, which is designed to allow it to work also as a volume leveller to the set reference.

Also a grouping function is present that allows TheNormalizer to be used as an automatic gain staging tool on every track of your mix being able to change the setting for every plugin of the same group at once.


  • Automatic audio normalization to the set level.
  • Level can be expressed in: dBFS, VU, RMS, LUFS (integrated, short term or momentary).
  • Peak or continuous normalization.
  • Group function to apply the same parameters to a group of plugins.
  • macOS (10.7 and later) and Windows (Vista and later) support.

Price: 9,99 € on www.hornetplugins.com



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