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Parawave Audio has updated Rapid to version 1.6.0 and added new oscillator inserts and effect slots.

PM from Oscillator is a new insert effect which is designed to provide a way to create "FM" sounds using another wavetable oscillator as a modulation source. There is also a new RM from Oscillator and Feedback PM insert.

The Glitch is an effect which records sound input and allows the processing to jump back in time. The four sequence modulators are choose-able as modulation sources whereas the current selected one tells the Glitch how far it has to jump back.

There's an up to 4-Band dividable Multiband Saturator with sixteen switchable per-band types to apply dynamic and modulation processing. Asymmetric distortions, hard non linearities, bit crush, feedback, ring modulators and even limiters are available.

Tunable delay times with an additional Tonal Delay allow for very short and percussive feedbacks and echoes - ideal to colorize drum loops or just reshape sounds.

A Tapestop processor can hold and continue sounds at arbitrary positions.


  • Phase Modulation from Oscillator.
  • Ring Modulation from Oscillator.
  • Phase Modulation Feedback.
  • Multiband Saturator.
  • Glitch.
  • Tonal Delay.
  • Tapestop.
  • Reverb size mode: "Pipe". Even shorter than "Room".


  • Changed the 1/12 & 1/16 sequencer grid to variable steps.
  • The label text of FX-AMOUNT & FX-FACTOR is now dependent on the selected insert effect.
  • Modulator & effect presets starting with the same word are now grouped into a sub menu.
  • Previous and next browsing for sound presets now jumps relative to the lastly selected preset.
  • Style Data version changed to 1.6.


  • Disable non-valid insert effect knobs when switching to multi-sample sources.
  • Aftertouch on LFO/Sequence speed was ignored for global voices.
  • Preset type string "Solo" was not displayed after clicking apply.
  • Modulation preview of oscillator fx-factor was sometimes hidden.
  • Selected presets now stay highlighted when plugin UI is reopened or resized.
  • Send FX Volume Slider was sometimes dependent on the previous channel value.


  • 134 Arpeggiator patterns.
  • 86 Sequences.
  • 76 Saturator presets.
  • 11 Tapestop presets.
  • 21 Tonal Delay presets.

Price: 179.99€.



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