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HoRNet releases ThirtyOne - 1/3 Octave Spectrum Analyzer and EQ with Automatic Frequency Balancing


HoRNet has announced the release of ThirtyOne, a single package that includes a spectrum analyzer and a graphic equalizer, both have the standard 31 one third octave bands.

This pair of tools is very common in every rack of any live mixer as the final tool in the master bus, for this reason HoRNet decided to recreate the behaviour and specific time response of a very common Italian analog spectrum analyzer.

Right below the spectrum analyzer HoRNet have put the 31 sliders that will let you shape the output and fix any particular resonance.

The equalizer has a special feature called the "Auto EQ", when enabled (both in static and continuous mode) the output of the spectrum analyzer is used to tune the gain for each of the EQ bands allowing the equalizer to automatically set itself so that the maximum harmonic balance is achieved, removing frequency masking and improving mix clarity.


  • 31, one third octave, spectrum analyzer bands.
  • Spectrum analyzer carefully crafted to give you the feeling of analog hardware units.
  • three different integration times for the analyzer.
  • four scale ranges for the analyzer.
  • peak hold display.
  • display both the L+R (mid) component or the L-R (side) component of the audio spectrum.
  • 31, one third octave, equalizer.
  • each band gain adjustable from -15 to +15 dBs.
  • "Auto EQ" automatically balances frequency content.
  • Each of the two modules can be disabled to save CPU.
  • Bypass button for the eqalizer.
  • 2x internal oversampling to allow analog sounding filters up to 20kHz.

HoRNet ThirtyOne is available for 19.99€ on www.hornetplugins.com



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