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HoRNet updates TotalEQ to v1.3.0


HoRNet Plugins has updated Total EQ, the versatile digital equalizer with analog emulation.

The new 1.3.0 version is a feature release and includes:

  • Added Apple M1 support.
  • Minimum macOS requirement is now 10.11 with metal graphic card.
  • Fixed high CPU usage and crackles with small buffer sizes.
  • Fixed q text box being editable when no q parameter is available.
  • Fixed high gain jumps when exiting solo mode fora a band and "eq loud" is activated.
  • Fixed band unselling when restoring a session with a soloed band.
  • Fixed muted bands being unmuted if a band is soloed and then unsoloed.

The update is free for owners of the plugin and can be downloaded from the user area on www.hornetplugins.com or using HoRNet DoIn.



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