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HoRNet releases HDS1 MK2


HoRNet Plugins has announced the release of the HoRNet HDS1 MK2, a new version of the plugin designed to simulate the classic sound of a guitar distortion pedal. This plugin is suitable for a wide range of applications beyond guitar distortion, providing useful features for professional audio production.

HDS1 MK2 offers analog emulation to mimic the warmth of the original pedal, alongside various mods including the "Ultra," "Seeing Eye," and "Less Shrill" settings to adjust the distortion effect. The plugin also includes adjustable effect levels, tone control from dark to bright, and a Dry/Wet knob for blending processed and original signals. For refined tuning, HDS1 features a VU meter and supports up to 16x oversampling. The interface is resizable, ensuring it fits comfortably within different production setups.

HDS1 MK2 is compatible with macOS (10.13 and later) and Windows (10 and later), available in Audio Units, VST3, and AAX formats. It supports 64-bit systems and is optimized for use with Apple Silicon.

Pricing & Exclusive Offers:

  • Standard Purchase: €8.99.
  • Upgrade Offer: Owners of the original HDS1 can upgrade to the MK2 version for €2.99.
  • Bundle Discount: Customers who have purchased the complete bundle from HoRNet Plugins qualify for a 40% discount on their purchase of the HDS1 MK2.


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