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HV Synth Design releases Total Flute

HV Synth Design

HV Synth Design has announced the release of a new wind instrument package: Total Flute. It's available for Windows as a VST instrument plug-in for $99.

Total Flute features three realistic sounding VST instruments: a piccolo, a standard/alto/bass flute, and a (Contra)Bass flute. So there are two bass flutes (one more dark, one more bright).


  • Breath Pressure: via MIDI learn you can choose the controller you want to use for breath pressure.
  • Breath/bore noise (MIDI learn).
  • Amount of the noise + the 'color'.
  • Vibrato (aftertouch or MIDI learn).
  • Flutter tongue (MIDI learn).
  • Pitch Bend (in flute parlando it is called lip bending: when you go up, the tone become louder, when you go down, to tone become softer).

The standard/alto/bass and piccolo flute have alto a control for dynamic instability (When a flutist plays long notes it is hard to keep the tone stable).

A trial version is available (the standard/alto/bass flute).



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