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iraisynn attinom releases agnarohm for Windows

iraisynn attinom

iraisynn attinom has released agnarohm, a stereo guitar tonestack / preamp / effects unit as a 32-bit Windows VST plug-in and standalone.

agnarohm is designed to offer customizable tonestack, preamp and pre / post equalizer units in order to achieve a variety of guitar amplification character and sound. Randomization functions are also available so that the user can play the guitar while trying new settings and combinations.


  • Tuner, flanger, equalizers, preamp / drive, tremolo, reverb, delay.
  • Internal oversampling for aliasing reduction.
  • Fully automatable controls.
  • Randomization function for the whole unit as well as the individual chain parts.
  • Preset saving and loading.
  • Loudness protection / auto-gain function (no signal will be too loud or too quiet).
  • Low CPU usage (stereo and oversampling algorithms support SSE and SSE2).

Price: €12.

agnarohm audio sample

(The guitar sounds in the samples were created using agnarohm only. no other effects, guitar heads, preamps, Impulse Response (IR) convolvers or cabinet simulators were used)

jamming with agnarohm



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