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Jeremy Evers updates Atlantis to v0.9m

Jeremy Evers

Jeremy Evers has updated Atlantis to v0.9m.


  • Fixed repeatverb limiter distortion.
  • Added phase offset slider - works great with saw LFO.
  • Updated file format - waveforms now store path.
  • Made UI skinnable and improved every module.
  • Updated button mouse controls:
    • Power: left click entire area.
    • Context menu: right click.
    • Selection: right drag or mousewheel.
    • Wave window phase: left drag.
  • Extended delay length 4x.
  • Rescaled global volume.
  • FXP & FXB support.
  • Single preset files (ass, asf).
  • Improved stability on startup (constructor race conditions and buffers).
  • Better anti-denormal code for phaser, filters, octaver, chorus and flanger.
  • New FM preset waveforms with less harmonic content.
  • Preset browsing.
  • Mousewheel support for:
    • Sliders.
    • Selection buttons.
    • Delay input.
  • Help link button.
  • A way to name programs: left click for a dialog with patch name and comments.
  • Added author and category fields to programs.


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