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Reviewed By capracan
January 4, 2019

A Update of Atlantis in 2018, but so minor...WHY? No Money i will send u some Bucks :D.

But COOL there is LIFE in Jeremy...

This Plugin i awesome, sounds great, looks simple (Tracker GUI), i LOVE, i mean really i love, the random function, EVER Plugin should have...

Its a very nice IDEA to adjust the Modulator strenght and direction/ inverse on the Value Faders, and more...cool at all.

The Sound, Filters and Modulations is/are very good. Import own Wavform ist AWESOME, i not trying, but it isn't a Sampler.

Its a free 32-bit Plugin you can Donate for it, instant i will do/ try, will check out if paypal possible...

But then i want to have some:

  • better GUI (Jim do it very well, of course, and there a SKINS i want to check out).
  • # in fact its better to switch presets via arrows not via browser.
  • # description of params should have a better font, maybe fixed by other Skins?!? Will check it.
  • # Random Button can just be a Dice (also fixable via Skins?).
  • # Oscilloscope is maybe obsolete or can have some settings, like zoom (like u-he bazille).
  • S1 should be FX (S1 for Shapers, I would never have thought of that.).
  • Delay Window with 2 followed Filters is NICE, DLY should a bit "easier", its a nice idea with the interactive GFX, but useablitiy is bit annoyoing/ complicated, i think.
  • A bit more adjust possibilities for Filters and FX.
  • I think u can make it a little bit smaller.
  • Reset Faders via double click.
  • The Red ACTIVE-Feedback on Buttons can maybe a small Dot or Bar (maybe per skin fixed-able).
  • 64-bit support.

At some Points you talking about since V.0.9.j (Manual, should be updated).

A little Hint in FAQ:

Need more LFO? Use Bitwig ! Every Parameter can be controlled via Bitwig Modulators .

OKAY, thats all.

Expectent Regards.


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