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Kirnu - Cream pre-release v4 now available (incl. AU version)

Kirnu Interactive

Kirnu has announced that Cream pre-release version 4 is now available. Now it contains an AU version for Logic users plus several fixes and community driven feature requests.

With this release the pre-order phase ends.

Cream 1.0 pre release 4:

  • New: AU version
  • New: Global setting for not snapping notes in to scale when using transpose. When this setting is enabled transpose transposes notes by semitone not by scale degree.
  • New: step gate is now relative to pattern gate value.
  • New: Selected CC values are shown.
  • Fixed: Hanging note bug where disabled tracks prevented notes to stop. For example track 2 is disabled and key range is C6-> when note C6 was played it was not stopped properly.
  • Fixed: Cream ignores MIDI inputs other that 1.
  • Fixed: Cream crash bug when 'copy to all' was initialized with mouse placed in bottom of the step bar.
  • Fixed: Renamed Windows DLLs so they no longer contain white spaces.


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