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Kirnu Cream updated to v1.2

Kirnu Interactive

Kirnu has updated Cream to v1.2 (incl. a hotfix)

This release contains significant changes to Cream's MIDI engine.

v1.2 Release Notes:

  • New Feature: A user can now use GATE step data to specify note length in steps.
  • This is done setting the gate value more than zero.
  • New Feature: Overlapping notes are tied together.
  • New Feature: Control Zone can be customised.
  • New Feature: It's now possible to disable Control Zone.
  • New Feature: Pattern data indicators under the pattern button. If indicator is visible the pattern contains some data.
  • Preset change during playback.
  • Improved UI drawing performance.
  • Improved automation control names.
  • Fixed: Cream ignores space bar.
  • Fixed: Enable MIDI note names.
  • Fixed: Pattern sequencer did not follow steps correctly but started from pattern assigned in the first slot.
  • Fixed bug in Cubase when using LENGTH data.
  • Fixed Key area note names when using Cubase.
  • Fixed bug: playing stops when reset on new note was enabled and second note is played.
  • Fixed: Studio One Crashes when loading the AU plugin.
  • Fixed: Pattern sequencer bug where patterns didn't reset.
  • Fixed: Using Hold from Control Zone causes crash.

Hotfix update February 22th 2015:

  • Fixed chord memory section UI redraw problem.
  • Pattern data tools redraw problem.
  • MIDI FX plugin installer bug. The plugin was not properly packed.
  • AU 64 crash bug.
  • Fixed possible crash bug.
  • Fixed overlapping notes playing behaviour.


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