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Kuassa releases "Amplifikation VVV" with Intro Offer


Kuassa has released Amplifikation VVV, inspired by a signature Peavey/EVH which delivers a very specific kind of guitar tone, dubbed as the "brown sound".

Amplifikation VVV will also implement Kuassa's next-generation user interface. Streamlining the process of operating the plugin for users with a cleaner, resizeable interface.

Powered by our 3rd generation tube engine, we recreates and tweaks all three major versions of the 5XXX amps to deliver the infamous brown sound in your DAW.

Adhitya Wibisana, Kuassa's Tech Director

Key Features:

  • 3 channels: Red, Green and Blue.
  • 3 amp types: Mark I, Mark II and Mark III.
  • High-res resizable graphic.
  • Improvements for the user interface.
  • Sag and Bias feature on the power amp section.
  • Low pass and high pass filters.
  • Five types of cabinets with impulse responses taken from genuine Mesa-Boogie cabinets.
  • Nine types of workhorse mics: Shure SM57, Sennheiser MD421, Sennheiser MD441, Shure KSM 353, Royer 121, AKG C414, Neumann TLM103, Sennheiser E609, and Beyerdynamic M 201.
  • Freely adjustable dual-miking configurations with mono or stereo configuration.
  • Built-in Noise Gate and Limiter.
  • Straightforward and easy to use interface.
  • Supports up to 8x Oversampling.


Amplifikation VVV is now available as VST, VST3, Audio Unit, AAX, A360 modules, and as a Standalone App, while the Rack Extension version will be released soon through Reason Studio Shop.

Amplifikation VVV is available for purchase through Kuassa website, and selected resellers at an intro price of $25 (valid for purchases until October 2nd, 2022. Normal Price: $49).

Amplifikation 360 and Amplifikation 360 Bundle

Amplifikation VVV will be shown as 3 modules along with its cabinets inside Kuassa's Amplifikation 360 effects platform. To access the new VVV modules, users need to update their Amplifikation 360 to Ver. 1.1.1. Available for free from Kuassa's Download Page.

As the latest addition for Kuassa's Amplifikation 360 Bundle, it will be available for free for complete A360 Bundle owners who can access the license via their member area.

Audio Demos: SoundCloud.com/kuassa/sets/amplifikation-vvv

Audio Demos A360 Version: SoundCloud.com/kuassa/sets/amplifikation-vvv-a360-demos

Video Demos: YouTube.com/playlist?list=PL6bPjIsr-QJhhYiGih9HtmEJV_IKLCUov



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