Kushview has updated Element, a modular AU/VST/VST3 audio plugin host for live performance and the studio, to v0.34.0.

Element allows the user to chain plugins together into effects racks and instruments:

  • As an Instrument: Play virtual instruments by loading synth plugins. Use multiple graphs to switch programs instantly.
  • As an Effects Rack: Chain effect plugins in parallel or series. Route audio from anywhere to anywhere.
  • Runs in your DAW: Element is a standalone plugin host, but can also run as a plugin in your DAW. Open a new pipeline between you and your tools.

Recent Changes

Element v0.34.0:

  • Performance parameter support added to plugin versions Automate plugins inside Element from the host running it.
  • Delete key now removes mapped controls in controllers.

Element v0.33.0:

  • Added – Momentary option to MIDI Mapping of Note events.
  • Added – Access to session settings from session panel menu.
  • Added – Drag and Drop from datapath/file system to audio file player nodes.
  • Better – Graph Mixer.

Element v0.32.1:

  • Added – Ability to specify standalone install path (windows) Not available in OS X installer yet (look for it in 0.33).
  • Fixed – MIDI hold not sending from virtual keyboard.
  • Fixed – Multiple selection Problem in graph.

Element v0.32.0:

  • Better – Selection in UI when nodes change. Session Tree & Graph Editor both now highlight when nodes are selected.
  • Added – MIDI CC toggle options to MIDI Mapping.
  • Added – MIDI Hold function to virtual.


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