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LetiMix updates GainMatch to v1.2


LetiMix has updated GainMatch to version 1.2 with the following list of improvements:

Better performance:

  • Much lower CPU/RAM usage, faster opening time.

UI improvements:

  • Reorganized menus, save as default.
  • Combo scale/opacity.
  • Separate "delta" button, delta improved (uses listen gain).
  • Crossfades between before/delta/after.
  • See/unlink reverse link in Before, fixed reverse link issues.
  • Bigger group menu when 8 groups.
  • Updates notifier.

AUTO mode enhancements:

  • Three auto speeds.
  • Acceleration on large gain differences.
  • Ear protection mode.
  • Separate negative/positive limits.
  • Auto-enable 'auto' for new instances.
  • Auto is preserved when switching modes.
  • Auto is preserved on manual adjustments.
  • Return to 0 on suspend comparison.
  • Wait for enough audio after suspend for before-after.

Smarter delay detection:

  • Keep delay visible.
  • No need to select buffer size, better performance.
  • Detects correct polarity.
  • Auto-detect delay on new 'After'.
  • Display delay in samples/ms/beats.


  • Hide/expose button from DAW, improved MIDI control.
  • Mono to stereo improvements, pan law.

Video on version 1.2: YouTube.com/watch?v=Zj_3TiRX_3M

GainMatch is a tool for comparing before/after with the same loudness. If you dig deeper you'll find it can do more useful things, like mixing before and after signals, matching target loudness, normalizing to the desired peak level and more

The plugin is available at discounted price of $12 until March 15, 2021.



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