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LetiMix updates GainMatch with AAX, dark skin, increased groups and more


LetiMix has updated GainMatch to version 1.13 adding new features and implementing many user requests.

New Features:

  • Dark skin added.
  • Pro Tools support.
  • More groups (up to 64) and new groups menu.
  • Target Peak mode.
  • Match 'before' gain to 'after'.
  • Listen to 'delta'.
  • Fine-tune the difference.
  • Select gain resolution 0.1dB or 0.01dB.
  • Improved delay detection, Target Loudness mode, and more...

Video on version 1.1: YouTube.com/watch?v=h5D4OK2VQGc

GainMatch is a tool for comparing before/after with the same loudness. If you dig deeper you'll find it can do more useful things, like mixing before and after signals, matching target loudness, normalizing to the desired peak level.

The price will be kept at $9 until the end of 2020.

You can find more info on the product page.



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