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NAMM 2009Loomer releases Aspect, Resound and Manifold


Loomer has announced the release of three new plug-ins for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux in VST, AU and Stand-alone formats: Aspect, a polyphonic synth, Resound, a delay / echo and Manifold, a harmonizer.

AspectAspect is a 32-note polyphonic software instrument. It combines a great-sounding subtractive synth engine with a versatile semi-modular architecture and simple, clean interface that allows practically anything to be used as a modulation source and destination.


  • Flexible semi-modular architecture.
  • 2 analogue-style oscillators, noise generator, 2 filters, 3 envelopes and 3 sync-able LFOs per voice.
  • Unison mode allows stacking of voices for bigger sounds.
  • Intuitive interface simplifies building and understanding of complex patches.
  • MIDI Learn mode for easy integration with any MIDI hardware controller.
  • Over 150 presets.

ResoundResound is a software audio delay effect processor that emulates the sound and operation of vintage magnetic-tape echo units. A controllable noise level allows the right amount of grit, distortion, and flutter through. The Reverse mode adds further flexibility: by playing each delay backwards, Resound can produce unique effects beyond what hardware magnetic-tape units are capable of.


  • Delay time up to 30 seconds when synced to host tempo, up to 2 seconds when not synced.
  • Controllable noise level and high-pass filter.
  • Reverse mode to produce more complex and interesting delay textures.
  • Capable of self-oscillation, even without any input source.
  • MIDI Learn mode for easy integration with any MIDI hardware controller.

ManifoldManifold is a harmonizer audio effect that works by splitting an input signal into as many as 20 individual voices, each of which are detuned and scattered around the stereo panorama. Manifold is capable of producing a wide range of effects; from subtle modulations that add interest to lifeless sounds, to extreme detuning that fattens the weakest of input sources.


  • Input audio signal is split into 4 to 20 individual tuned voices.
  • Process only a specific frequency range by using the highpass and lowpass filters.
  • Flexible panning allows the effect to produce sounds that can be tightly focused in the centre of the stereo image, spread between the extreme stereo edges, or anywhere in-between.
  • MIDI Learn mode for easy integration with any MIDI hardware controller.

Pricing & Availability

All three plug-ins are available for for Mac OS X 10.4 and above (Audio Unit, VST and Standalone application), Windows XP and above (VST and Standalone application), and Linux (VST, and Standalone application using JACK or ALSA). RTAS versions for Mac and Windows are coming soon.

Aspect costs £65; Resound and Manifold cost £35 each.

Evaluation versions are available for free download, with the following limitations:

  • User created Program and Bank configurations can be saved, but not loaded.
  • [Aspect] Audio output will stop after 30 minutes of continuous use. The only way to continue using Aspect is to restart the application.
  • [Resound and Manifold] Output will be periodically interrupted, approximately every 20 seconds, by a short moment of silence.


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