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Lostin70s releases JAMP MK1 - Free Guitar Amplifier VST for Windows


Lostin70s has released JAMP MK1, a free guitar amp VST effect plug-in for Windows based on real tube emulation.


  • 4 channels: clean, crunch (light), overdrive, distortion.
  • Pre gain (overdrive) to adjust the amount of drive.
  • 1 Stack Equalizer.
  • 2 included spring reverb models with adjustable reverb level.
  • 5 cabinets emulations. Cabinet simulation can be turned off.

The plug-in is reactive to guitar volume (like real ones) and accepts a lot of plug-ins before (compressor, distortion, etc.).

Technical information:

  • All filters are IIR to reduce processing delay (less than 0.5 ms). Ideal for live playing.
  • The cabinet simulation does not include a room effect as generally found for this kind of simulation (it simulates only spectral characteristics of cabinet). So it sounds very dry if you hear it with a headphone, but it sounds better if you play in a real room through flat loudspeaker or in a mix.

Version 1.2 works at 44100 Hz and 48000 Hz and uses much less CPU than v1.0, which was released a few days ago.

Sound demos (using only the JAMP plugin): http://soundcloud.com/julien-faure-7



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