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Mildon Studios releases SLVR Spreader - VST Stereo Expander Plugin for Windows


Mildon Studios has released SLVR Spreader, a VST Stereo Expander for Windows.

SLVR Spreader combines three different stereo imaging techniques making it suitable for a wide range of sounds:

  • Wide mode uses a mid-side algorithm for widening the signal. This is suitable for stereo recordings, group tracks, and mastering.
  • Delay mode spreads the signal's frequencies across the stereo image and applies minute amounts of delay to emphasize the stereo effect. This can be used to fatten ambient sounds like vocals and pads.
  • Shuffle mode interleaves the signal's frequencies and spreads them across the stereo image. While the stereo effect is less pronounced in this mode, it can help the signal cut-through a busy mix without introducing artifacts or phase issues.

It has special controls for bringing back sounds found in the center which are usually lost during the widening process. It also has separate meters for the Left, Right, and Center channels, making it easy to monitor how much widening is being applied.

Price: $29.

Introductory Promo: $14 (50% Discount) until May 31, 2012.



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