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MOTU updates Digital Performer to v11.2 - now with ARA support and Melodyne 5 essential


MOTU has updated Digital Performer to v11.2, adding support for the interface extension ARA Audio Random Access. This allows faster and better Melodyne workflows all DP11 users benefit from, as – on top of that – Melodyne 5 essential is bundled with this version.

In Digital Performer 11.2, thanks to ARA it is now possible to open audio tracks in Melodyne directly and without tiresome transfers. That makes using Melodyne far simpler and more intuitive.

If soundbites on a track or within a sequence are shortened, lengthened, moved or copied, Melodyne mirrors these changes automatically. This also means you can rearrange your material without any problems, even if it has already been edited with Melodyne. Furthermore, ARA makes passing on Digital Performer projects far simpler, as all the data management is handled automatically.

New In DP 11.2:

  • ARA2 Support: ARA2 is a plug-in protocol extension developed by Celemony that allows Melodyne (and other plug-ins that support ARA2) to access and analyze audio data in sound files ahead of time, prior to playback being engaged. This enables a level of detailed sound manipulation far beyond other real-time plug-in APIs, especially for musical characteristics such as pitch, tempo and rhythm. Apply cutting-edge audio processing to individual soundbites or entire tracks with the very latest ARA plug-in technology.
  • Melodyne 5 Essential: Now included with Digital Performer 11, Melodyne 5 Essential delivers state-of-the-art pitch editing and beat editing to your tracks using industry-recognized, Grammy-Award-winning algorithms. Use Melodyne's processing to sculpt your vocals and other tracks directly within the context of your production. And you can upgrade at any time to unlock even more advanced editing and control.
  • Audio to MIDI Conversion: The new Copy Audio to MIDI feature lets you convert pitched audio, percussive audio or drum loops to MIDI notes. From there you can double the original audio with MIDI instruments or transform the MIDI with DP's powerful MIDI editing. Several algorithms are provided for monophonic, polyphonic and percussive audio material.

The ARA integration of Melodyne requires Digital Performer version 11.2 and Melodyne version 5.2.



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