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MusicDevelopments updates RapidComposer to v3.5

MusicDevelopments has updated RapidComposer to v3.5. The latest update features the new Percussion Generator which can be used to create original percussion phrases with a single click (in the full edition only) as well as more than 20 enhancements, like improved phrase preview, drag-and-drop, chord voicings, and user interface on 4K monitors.


  • Percussion phrase generator (full edition only): generate multi-instrument percussion phrases for a single click. Each percussion has its own rhythm generator.
  • Timeline and playback position added to phrase preview.
  • Loop option added to phrase preview.
  • Browser buttons cleaned up. Remove unused buttons to reduce the clutter.
  • Forward and backward transport controls added.
  • New options when changing the time signature: 'Resize Chords For The New Time Signature' and 'Keep Line Lengths'.
  • You can add chord tensions to voicings. This way you can use a 7th note in a phrase even if the chord is a simple triad.
  • Fixed 'Rootless 9th' voicing which now works as you expect. New voicing added: 'Always Root-3rd-5th-7th' which adds a 7th to triads and removes 9th/11th/13th from more complex chords.
  • Setting line length is possible directly in the master track inspector.
  • MIDI drag and drop improvement: dragging MIDI from Reaper works now (non-existent file in drag data properly handled).
  • Dragging single phrases as MIDI: Ctrl-Alt-Shift-drag phrases (multiple phrases work too.).
  • Dropping a MIDI file over the track header will replace the track contents.
  • Chord note parameters in the editor have been renamed to Root, 3rd, 5th, etc.
  • 'Export Chords As Text' added.
  • An option was added to disable transposition for absolute notes in the note editor (e.g. for key-switch notes).
  • Voicing menu reworked: all options shown.
  • Use maximum 8 phrases in the Idea Tool.
  • 'Maximum Note Height In Editor' can be further increased.
  • Font sizes extended, bigger fonts can be selected for 4K displays.
  • Transport button size increased when using bigger fonts, and lots of small cosmetic changes when using big font sizes.
  • Optimizations in the UI layout engine under the hood.
  • Minor fixes in using chord lengths.
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements.
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