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MusicDevelopments updates RapidComposer to v4.3 and announces Holiday Sale with 40% discount


MusicDevelopments has updated RapidComposer to version 4.3 which features a new hardware accelerated rendering engine with retina and high-DPI display support, native Apple M1 support, smooth scrolling and 128 channels offered in the AU synth plug-in, as well as many other improvements.


  • New UI engine with hardware acceleration, retina display support and smooth scrolling.

  • [macOS] Apple M1 is natively supported.

  • [macOS] AU synth plug-in supports 128 MIDI channels.

  • Dragging and dropping selected chords on the master track is possible.

  • Reworked chord rules editor toolbar.

  • New MIDI import setting: Import MIDI markers as chords.

  • New variation: Insert Connecting Notes.

  • New variation: Insert Connection To Next Phrase.

  • 'Learn' functionality in Markov Melody generator: drop a monophonic MIDI file or a phrase on the Learn button.

  • Cosmetic changes on the Markov Melody UI, a missing option added.

  • Tolerance option added to Join Notes.

  • Phrase variations: 'Remove Note' variation improvements: specify number of notes/events for 'Random notes' and 'Random times'

  • [Plug-ins] New playback option: 'Sync playback to host'

  • Shortcuts Ctrl-Z/Cmd-Z and Ctrl-Y/Cmd-Y work in the Phrase Editor.

  • Chord rules are looked up for church modes and chromatic scale (when unlocked), not just for major and minor scales.

  • Last edited rules are saved and restored between sessions.

  • Lower case is used for labels.

  • [Plug-ins] Fixed silent or swallowed notes at the beginning of a loop for local playback: usage of 'all notes off' removed.

  • [macOS][Plug-ins] Crash fixed when right clicking on a phrase magnet.

  • [Windows] Installer updated.

Holiday Sale: Get 40% discount for RapidComposer, Melodya and Syne in December, 2021.



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