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Myosis releases PsychoDelay and MyosisFooger Pack


Myosis has announced the release of PsychoDelay and the MyosisFooger bundle of VST effect plug-ins for Windows.

MyosisFooger MyosisFooger

MyosisFooger is a suite of three plug-ins that digitally recreate famous Moog pedals. It costs €49 for the pack or you can purchase the plug-ins separately for €22 each.

  • MF LowPassFilter is a simple audio controlled low-pass filter. It contains a 2-pole/4-pole Low-pass filter as well as an envelope follower for dynamic-controlled filter sweeps. Used with Bass, Guitar, Keys or any other sound.
  • MF OscBox is an audio controlled oscillator. With this plug-in you can turn your guitar, or any other monophonic instrument, into a synthesizer.
  • MF RingModulator is a simple Ring Modulator. It contains a Ring Modulator with a built in Carrier Oscillator and LFO.

PsychoDelay is a tape shifter delay that allows you to insert some weird effects into the feedback loop.

PsychoDelayFeatures / specification:

  • Up to 2.7 seconds delay time.
  • Tape vibrato effect with adjustable speed and disturbance.
  • Absolutely weird Pitch-Shifter effect in the feedback loop.
  • Autopan with adjustable speed.
  • 2 pole Low-pass and Hi-Pass Filters.
  • Noise tape effect.
  • Costs €39.


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