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Nassen Software Development releases RaX'n'TraX

Nassen Software Development

Nassen Software Development has announced the release of RaX'n'TraX, a free pattern-based composition tool with linear sequencing and recording capabilities for Windows. It is the evolution of Nassen's previous releases: SQ42 and Matryx.



  • Racks, synth-layering, 8 insert effects.
  • Connections between pattern based tools.
  • ASIO-IN rack, MIDI-IN 1-2, PC-keyboard.
  • VST-MIDI out port.

Monophonic note generator:

  • Variable loop lengths for notes, velocities, durations.
  • Slides.
  • 16- and 32-step mode.
  • Step-record, groove-record, tap-record (quantized/free).
  • 16 patterns.

Polyphonic note generator:

  • Chords.
  • Strumming.
  • Drum editing.
  • Forward/Backwards.
  • Variable step-lengths (polyrhythms).
  • 16 chords progressions.
  • Steps 1->32.
  • Rotations.

Rack controller:

  • Slides and gates, interpolated values.
  • Forward/Backwards.
  • Variable number of steps.
  • Parameters, MIDI-CC, PB and AT.
  • Steps 1->32.
  • 16 patterns (steps/values/tempo).

Beziers and free draw:

  • Variable, unlimited lengths.
  • Parameters, MIDI-CC, PB and AT.
  • Recordable, editable free draw.
  • 2 types of beziers curves.
  • 16 patterns (speed/scale/offset).


  • (Cumulative) note, time, velocity and duration transposers.
  • Algorithmic approach to melody and rhythm generation.
  • Swing and groove.


  • Mix down or drop wave files.
  • ASIO-In loop-record.
  • 16 patterns (slice and send levels (4 sends)).
  • DIRAC Time Stretch/Pitch Shift technology (c) Stephan M. Bernsee.
  • One shots.


  • 16 channel mixer.
  • 4 sends per channel.
  • 8 inserts per channel.
  • Sequencable mixer states.
  • Song-structure through mixer states.
  • MIDI-controllable volumes, pans and send levels.

Linear sequencers:

  • (Loop)-record MIDI and GUI (parameter automation, mixer).
  • Clips (loop, merge and split), ghost clips.
  • Event sequencer (mutes, fades, resets, patterns, ...).
  • 4 independent sequencers.
  • Key- and tempo changes.


  • Lasso-select.
  • Copy/paste, transpose.
  • Quantize and undo.

Curve editor:

  • Free draw.
  • Line draw.

Integrated (context-sensitive) browser:

  • Racks.
  • MIDI-clips.
  • Wave.
  • Presets.

RaX'n'TraX is free as in no nag screens, no time limits, no spyware, no limited feature set. However, you can get involved, support the development and show your appreciation by donating and becoming a member. As a member you get a unique login-id for the members area, providing access to:

  • Developers blog, to-do lists, feature requests.
  • Regular updates and the "Rewire" wrapper.
  • Music "made by RaX'n'TraX".
  • "Tips 'n' Tricks" section.
  • Library of "racks and presets".


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