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Reviewed By Chandran
August 9th, 2015

Hi, .

I'm using step sequencers since 1991 hardware and software (I still use the doepfer MAQ16/3 and own many software ones) and I have to say RnT2 is outstanding.

As a mac user who joined windows I was looking for a modular step sequencer good as five12 Numerology and this one was the answer, I like it even more.

The GUI is clean and really readable, no cheesy colors and useless flashy blinking lights here, its easy on the eye and helps to keep your concentration focussed on music. You can work hours without excessive fatigue.

The Software comes in standalone and VST versions 32 an 64-bit, it's easy to instal and no intrusive copy protection.

The standalone host VST's and can be rewired, It's very stable and worked flawlessly with the plugins I own. The VST can work as a sub-host, can send MIDI and audio data to the DAW, you're free to choose sending MIDI data only, audio only or both.

With RnT2 it's possible to create very complex polyrhythms, melodic and harmonic progressions and keep everything under control. You can easily assign modulations and cc parameters to your plugins knobs, sequence and modulate what you want. You have under your fingers a sound design station functioning like the ones you will find in some expansive Kontakt5 scripted cinematic libraries.No limits to your creativity here, It's a real laboratory and if you like experimenting you wont be disappointed.

RnT2 its a Beast however musicians from every level can use it. It can be easy as most step sequencers or immensely complex.

To get an Idea of what it is don't hesitate to try the demo. the stand alone is fully functional, except you cant save.

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