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ndc Plugs release My First Step Sequencer v1.0

ndc Plugs

ndc Plugs has released My First Step Sequencer, a simple 16-(or 8-)step sequencer aimed at children. It comes with a shuffle mode and a note randomize button, as well as a scale-forcing control, to make it so that you can only select notes within a particular scale.

- screenshot

The notes are represented by animal heads in the carriage windows, with the velocities being represented by flowers on the carriage doors. The octave can be changed by clicking the body of the engine. A signal at the bottom right is a global mute - setting it down will stop the plugin from outputting MIDI data. The arrow at the bottom left can be used to display a number of advanced options, left to right:

  • Shuffle.
  • Number of steps (16 or 8).
  • Scale: lets you ignore certain notes, to enforce a particular scale.
  • Notes: Switches between displaying the notes as animal heads, or their actual values.
  • Random: randomizes the note values.

My First Step Sequencer is available for free as a VST effect plugin for Windows and Mac OS X and it is open source, so the source code is also available.



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