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ndcPlugs Physically-Modelled Drum alpha 2 released

ndc Plugs

ndcPlugs have released an early alpha version of Physically-Modelled Drum, a simple physically-modelled (rectangular) drum Niall has created to test a physical modelling technique for his Masters project.

The controls correspond to the physical parameters of the drum; Stiffness is the stiffness of the membrane, Initial Displacement is how much the membrane is moved initially, Mass is the mass of the membrane, Viscosity is the friction of the air (set it to 0 for a continuous sound), and Output From is the specific node in the 2d grid from where the output is read from.

This plugin uses a simplistic damped mass-spring technique to simulate a physical membrane. For more information, see www2.hku.nl/~cees2/drums. The plugin uses a 5x5 network of nodes (with the outside nodes fixed).



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