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NoDough Samples releases NDS-303 Acid Jam sample pack (24-bit WAV)

No Dough Music

NoDough Samples has released NDS-303 Acid Jam, a new 24-bit WAV sample pack.

Roland's TB-303 was responsible for Acid House and had a huge influence on countless other musical movements. This unassuming machine has been at the cutting edge of dance music culture for the last 30 years. When NDS considered designing a sample pack based around the TB-303, it was imperative to them that they offered as much of the machine's defining character as possible.

NDS say "The secret of the 303's unique sound is largely due to it's in-built sequencer, which offers the user a selection of attributes with which to perform sequences unlike any other synthesizer... but the charm and appeal of the hardware is much more than that...the machine has an large variety of sounds and a breadth of styles from mellow and chilled to screaming acid peak time then back down to a funky groove, all this is pulled off with the distinctive TB-303 class. Capturing this is what NDS-303 is all about."

"In this pack we have put together a collection of loops recorded through the best analogue equipment to preserve the reality of the 303 as you would use it in the studio. Then to capture the multitude of different styles, vibes and feelings possible with the synth, we sampled many different variations for each pattern on the sequencer to give you the options you need when your producing. If you find a pattern you like but need more resonance, more cut-off...or the same loop but in a crazy acid distortion vibe....it's in this pack."

"On top of that wide selection of loops, we have also sampled this beast through the same vintage equipment used on some of the classic tracks that defined Acid House, and also through some more contemporary tube based analogue gear to give you all the options in terms of tone and style you need. We have even included a selection of loops tracked through Lexicon fx if your looking for a little bit of inspiration."

"If you can't get your hands on a real TB-303 – without a doubt this is the next best thing as it stands, no other sample pack available offers such a comprehensive sampling of the legendary hardware synthesizer. Ready to cut up, chop and mangle to oblivion this pack gives you a authentic taste of what all the fuss is about...we cannot wait to see where you go with her. This pack offers screaming Acid but also many, many other styles. So if your producing House, Dubstep, Techno or EDM there's something for you here..."

In the pack you get:

  • 1265 - 303 Loops in 24bit 44100hz WAV.
  • 116 – Main TB303 Loops.
  • 138 – Bassline Loops.
  • 122 – Square Wave Loops.
  • 188 – Lead Loops.
  • 614 – Distortion & Driven Loops.
  • 87 - Fx Loops.

Compatible with all samplers and sequencers using 24-bit 44,100hz WAV audio.

Price: £18.74.



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