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Numerical Audio releases Harmonicer - Harmonic MIDI Generator for iPad

Numerical Audio

Numerical Audio has released Harmonicer - Harmonic MIDI Generator for iPad.

Harmonicer is a MIDI plugin designed to kickstart music production by integrating three tools, namely a quantizer, harmonizer, and arpeggiator, into a single plugin.

At the core of Harmonicer lies the Quantizer feature with over 20 pre-defined scales and support for custom scales. The Harmonizer functionality adds up to 4 additional voices for exploration of an array of harmonic possibilities while the Arpeggiator enables intricate rhythmic patterns and melodic sequences.

What sets Harmonicer apart is its seamless integration of these three powerful tools, allowing users to utilize them individually or in combination to achieve complex compositions with ease. Whether you're looking to fine-tune a melody, enrich your harmonies, or add rhythmic complexity, Harmonicer provides the tools you need to inspire your musical vision and bring it to life.


  • Quantizer with support for 20+ pre defined as well as custom scales.
  • Harmonizer with up to 4 additional voices.
  • Arpeggiator with 10 modes, note repeats, ratchets and more.
  • Works standalone or via AUv3.
  • Supports external MIDI, Inter-App MIDI, Bluetooth and Wireless MIDI.


  • iOS 11.4 or newer.
  • iPad Air 2 or newer.

Pricing and Availability

Harmonicer is available on the Apple AppStore at a discounted price of $5.99 (intro offer, ends June 27th) and regularly sells for $7.99.



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