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NUSofting releases Marimka v1.0


NUSofting has released version 1.0 of Marimka, a new marimba and balafon VSTi for Windows.

Marimka is a virtual instrument that is targeted towards ethnic folk sounds, in this case marimba and balafon, tuned percussion. Marimka is also capable of other percussive sounds like frame drums. It is not just an acoustic emulation, at extreme settings it reveals a strong synthetic timbre, so it is also useful for hybrid textures. Despite the few controls you see on the GUI the range of different percussive sounds is huge.

Marimka's Controls:

  • EG attack: from hard to soft mallet.
  • EG decay: note duration.
  • EG tune: pitch sweep.
  • FM tone: to add harmonics.
  • Pitch Fine: fine tuning.
  • Pitch Octave: octave transpose.
  • Volume: output level.
  • Bypass Limiter: to turn on..off the internal limiter.
  • Resonators Plate amount: to adjust resonance decay.
  • Resonators Gain: the audio level of the Resonators.
  • Resonators Width: the pitch of the Resonators.
  • Ping-Pong Delay: stereo delay effect synced to VST host BPM.

Marimka features presets by Liqih and Tim Conrardy and costs $19. A demo version is available.



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