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Oblivion Sound Lab updates OSL Side Effects to v1.1

Oblivion Sound Lab

Oblivion Sound Lab has updated OSL Side Effects to v1.1. The new version includes one of the most frequently requested features: a Left/Right processing mode that lets you feed a conventional stereo signal through the plug-in's effects chain.

Just like the original Mid/Side mode, each channel can be independently EQ'd, compressed, saturated, panned, attenuated and boosted. The Left and Right channels each get their own pan pot, so you have precise control over their placement in the stereo field.

OSL Side Effects is on sale at a 25% discount through September 30th. Use coupon code LEFTRIGHT at the checkout to get the discount.

v1.1 is a free upgrade for existing customers.

Main changes:

  • Added: Left/Right mode.
  • Changed: Gain and pan rotary knobs are now bi-directional.
  • Changed: Channel linking state is remembered when GUI loses/gains focus.
  • Fixed: Bypassed channels no longer output audio while the opposite channel is soloed.
  • Fixed: "%L" suffix is correctly recognised when manually entering pan knob values.



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