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One Small Clue updates Poise Percussion Sampler to v1.1.19

One Small Clue

One Small Clue has updated Poise Percussion Sampler to version 1.1.19.

Version 1.1.19:

  • Bug Fix: MIDI learn configuration wasn't being saved.
  • Bug Fix: "Reload Samples" command wasn't working correctly.
  • Bug Fix: "Choose Sample Editor" command would cause an access violation error.
  • Bug Fix: Previously locked pads would be overwritten when slcing and importing a loop. Now the locked pad data is not overwritten.
  • Bug Fix: ProTools - Outputs are now fixed to 16 stereo outs.
  • Change: Modified the Hotkey method. Previously hotkeys were being captured in Reaper when Poise wasn't in focus. The new method hasn't been tested in all hosts.
  • Change: "Poise Data.xml" can now use a relative path to locate the data folder.
  • Change: Default output count option is not shown in hosts that don't support output configuration changes.
  • Change: Hotkeys now work in Orion.

Version 1.1.18:

  • The "Poise Data.xml" can now use relative paths to locate the Poise Data directory.
  • Bug Fix: Older skins using the JSON format for config files did not work.

Version 1.1.17:

  • New: Added a "Save Drum Kit to Project Folder..." command for Reaper users.
  • Change: The location of the Poise data folder can be specified in an XML document in the VST plugin folder instead of in the registry.
  • Change: Poise now automatically searches for missing files in the drum kit and sample directories.
  • Change: FL Studio 10. The output configuration is now fixed to 16 stereo outputs.
  • Bug Fix: FL Studio 10. Projects using Poise with multiple outputs weren't restored correctly.
  • Bug Fix: Cubase 5.5. Outputs weren't configured properly.
  • Bug Fix: Configuration files were saved to the drive root if the Poise data directory couldn't be found.


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