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i3 releases DSP-Quattro 4

Stefano Daino

i3 has announced that version 4.0 of DSP-Quattro, the powerful Audio Editor for Mac OS X, is now available for the download.

This major new version introduces a lot of important new features and improvements. There is a new graphic Cut Editor which offers the maximum flexibility doing click-free cut&paste of audio waveforms, allowing you to draw x-fades curves by yourself. There is a built-in de-clicker tool for audio restoration, side by side with a new pencil tool to re-draw waveforms by hand, and also a very useful gain tool to manually lower transients by a real-time graphic control. Moreover, new High Quality Time Stretching and Frequency Shifting algorithms are built-in in version 4, there is a new graphic editor for Fade-In/Outs, up to 4 Aux busses to address outputs, user configurable key commands, unlimited number of effx slots to insert plug-ins, a new internal 'plug-in' module to address external audio hardware for external audio processing... and much more.

DSP-Quattro 4.0 is now available for €75 / $99. Owners of DSP-Quattro version 2.x or 3.x can upgrade to DSP-Quattro version 4.x for €15 / $19. If you purchased a 3.x license after the 1st of March 2012, please contact i3 support, the upgrade to version 4 is for free.

What is new in version 4?


  • New Customizable KeyCommands.
  • New Peak+RMS Meters.
  • New Drag&Drop features also to copy&paste audio waveforms between audio editors.
  • New CDDA time units.
  • New Effx Slot management.
  • New audio file menu.
  • New multiple Aux output busses.
  • New 32 bits HQ Graphic Level Waveform Display.
  • New Master BPM MIDI clock to synchronize Effect and Instrument plug-ins.

Audio Editor:

  • New Declicker.
  • New Pencil Tool.
  • New Gain Tool.
  • New Cut&Paste graphic editor.
  • New Graphic editor for Fade IN/OUT.
  • New Auto-Blend option.
  • New HQ TimeStretching Algorithm by HQ Spectral Re-synthesizer.
  • New HQ FrequencyShifter Algorithm by HQ Spectral Re-synthesizer.
  • New Option for Grouping/Ungrouping Audio File Editor Windows.


  • New AU cocoa GUI support.
  • New External I/O device send/return internal plug-in module, to address external hardware as "plug-in".
  • New AU preset management.

PlayList (now AudioCD layout):

  • New Generic Markers support also on the PlayList.
  • New Replace command on PlayList to replace an existing region audio file with another one.
  • New Normalize commands on PlayList to normalize one region only, all regions one by one, or the PlayList.
  • New Extend mode for XFades between PlayList audio regions (keep option+shift pressed).
  • New capability to drag&shift PlayList audio region without shifting all the rest (keep option key pressed).
  • New Equal Power XFade mode, when setting Xfade curves between audio regions in auto mode (keep the shift key pressed).
  • New DDP import.
  • New Export of CD-Tracks as separated audio files.
  • New ENV Cntrl point visual management.

... and much more inside.



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