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Perimeter Sound Arts releases Brain Danse and Abstract World Fusion

Perimeter Sound Arts

Perimeter Sound Arts has released two new loop sample CDs - Brain Danse, produced by Jeff Rhodes, and an upgraded reissue of the original Abstract World Fusion, which has been out of print for the last year.

Brain Danse takes the sound of the hardware Fizmo synth from Ensoniq and translates it into a unique loop CD (382 loops - 120 Bassy, 202 Melodic, 25 Rhythmic, 35 Other; 609 MB in total). Every sound was affected and re-synthed until it had taken on a new form. Brain Danse runs the audio gamut from some intense and deep basslines, all the way up the frequency ladder to some other worldly animal-like and sirenish sounds, and hits most spots in between.

Abstract World Fusion contains 464 loops (130 Ambient, 124 Melodic and 210 Percussive; 674 MB in total) combining World, Ambient, Experimental & Electronic sounds. A huge variety of Percussive, Melodic, and Atmospheric sounds are given modern audio treatment; the CD is an exploration of the exotic, providing an element of transcendent beauty and deep mood to any project.

Both are available in Acidized .wav format for Windows, and Apple Loop format for GarageBand, Soundtrack, Logic, etc. (having tempo and key information embedded, and in the filename for ease of use) and cost $24.99 - $34.99 each.



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