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Wusikstation v2.1 released


Wusik has released version 2.1 of Wusikstation.


  • One click opens the preset-browser, right-click opens the options. The Save-Preset option is also located on the File Browser-Options Menu.
  • Hit ESC or ENTER to close the File-Browser and Configuration-Page.
  • Effects SDK - easier way to load effects and FX Presets. Plus, 3rd party companies can design WS effects. More effects to be released soon by Wusik.
  • Improved the File-Browser display:
    • Hold the mouse button to browse the display.
    • Double-Click loads and close the browser (new option: on by default).
    • Right click lets you MOVE the Window (works on Config Page too).
    • Double Right click will Center the Window.
    • Option to close on selection (off by default).
    • Option to Remember Last SoundSet Path.
  • Effects will now reset if you power off and on again.
  • Mod Matrix: Env to LFO Speed works now.
  • Right Click on Layer-Selectors have new functions:
    • Osc1/2/3/4 will Turn On/Off without selecting the layer.
    • W1/W2 will select Wavesequencer editor.
    • Master will open Fx1 and Fx2 on right click.
  • Middle Click will Turn On/Off any Layer.
  • Fixed the WSeq bug, when you turned on/off a WSeq layer, a low note would still play.
  • Global Right-Click menu for easier access to some options like: About, Configuration, Copy/Paste Layer.
  • While using the File-Browser, you can click on the Layers selectors for destination.
  • MIDI-Input for the Wave sequencers. Right click on a WSeq and select "Seq Functions".
    • MIDI Note Input: NoteOn will be converted to value.
    • MIDI Velocity Input: NoteVelocity will be converted to value.
    • MIDI CC Input: Any MIDI CC will be converted to value.
    • MIDI Next on NoteOn: On each new Note, it will jump to the next Step.
      Hit ESC to set all WSeqs to NO MIDI Input. Each WSeq can be set to its own MIDI Input. So you can have one Seq with MIDI Note Input and another Seq with MIDI Velocity Input. At the same time. When using the MIDI CC Input, the Note < 60 will go to previous step, and Note > 60 will go to the next step.
  • New Mod-Matrix Destination: WSeq Speed.
  • WSeq Loop Editor will scroll now. Also, if you move Start over End and vice-versa, it will also move each other, making it easier to move things around.


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