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Pethu releases Cairn Zodiac-6


Pethu has released Cairn Zodiac-6, a free VSTi synth for Windows designed to provide a classic analogue subtractive synthesizer interface combined with a host of modulation options that are immediately accessible as well as easy to understand (It really thrives when used with keyboard controllers sporting velocity sensitivity and channel aftertouch).


  • 6 voice poly / mono synth.
  • 2 oscillators / voice (4 in FAT mode).
  • 2 VCOs: 5 waveforms + 2 types of noise, FM, Ring modulation.
  • 1 VCA: ADSR envelope with keyboard rate scaling.
  • 1 VCF: 5 filter types with ADSR envelope and keyboard rate scaling, acting on both cutoff and resonance.
  • 2 LFOs with DADSR envelope, S&H mode and host tempo sync. Each LFO can also act as a noise generator or spare envelope.
  • Modulation sources include Keyboard velocity / Channel aftertouch / Keyboard pitch / Modwheel / LFOs.
  • Mix all available mod sources for all available destinations any way you like using mixer-style faders. No cumbersome modulation matrices or mod destination switches.
  • Extra "aftertouch modwheel" in the GUI for the aftertouch-deprived.
  • Built-in delay with host tempo sync.
  • 65 presets and 24 page printable manual included.


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